Who Knew A Tea Cosy Could Be So Deadly?

First thoughts – sickness. Second thoughts – how can I sew a cosy that looks deadly? Wait a second…tea cosies can be dangerous. I guess people have tea cosy accidents at home. This is referred to as a domestic mishap. “Accident survey shows home is hazardous place” according to The Guardian in 2001. I have never used a tea cosy personally. When we go back to living outdoors I think a tea cosy would be useful for keeping water hot. I have always used thermoses but shouldn’t it be thermi like platypi? My whole life I have been told the plural of platypus is platypi but now I look it up online and there actually isn’t an agreed upon version of the word in the English language. If platypuses has “long been established” in the English language, then why does everyone point out the “correct” way of saying it? Platypi is accepted by latinists. I do know some greek but I never dove into latin. After doing some research on how public education began, I find myself not being as doubtful as before. Maybe these people really did think of the greater good for children. Horace Mann is not so bad. I did not find any unreasonable intentions that he had for starting the common school movement. I still have more research to do but I am finding his speeches and lectures about his overall goal of giving children the tools necessary to learn. He was a religious man and had a love for knowledge. He wanted to make sure that knowledge was passed down and was not lost. He was the first secretary of the board of education. “Intelligence is a primary ingredient in the wealth of nations.” I am curious how the current secretary of the board of education speaks to the public. Horace Mann’s speeches and lectures are thoughtful and meaningful. There is substance to his writings. Nobody likes reheating coldened water.

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